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Feng Shui / Book of Burial - Indian origin: Famous Feng Shui is a practical application of book of burial. This is a part of the vast Vastu Shastra of India. Chinese divide the ecliptic into twelve equal parts, to each of which they give the name of some animal. Thus the first they call the rat; it corresponds to Aries; the next is called the ox, and it is our identical Taurus; the third, which they call the tiger, corresponds to Gemini; the fourth, or the hare, corresponds to Cancer; the fifth, the dragon, answers to Leo; the sixth, or the snake, to Virgo; the seventh, called the horse, to Libra; the eighth, the ram, to Scorpio; the ninth, the monkey, to Sagittarius; the tenth, the cock, to Capricorn; the eleventh, the dog, to Aquarius; and the twelfth, the boar, to Pisces. The compass school of Feng Shui is distorted part Indian Vastu. Chinese physical science, the male and female principles, the eight diagrams, the sixty-four diagrams, the solar orbit, the lunar ecliptic, the three hundred and sixty degrees of longitude, the days of the year, the five planets, the five elements, the twenty-eight constellations, the twelve zodiac signs, the nine stars are the part of Indian Astrology. The famous Chinese Dragon, the symbol of prosperity and success is the Lion of India, the Sphinx of Egypt is a symbol of victory. 

The Book of Burial defined fengshui for the first time: it integrated various local beliefs and practices into the dominant Confucian tradition. It is, therefore, key to any understanding of Chinese culture. Based on the edition of the Book of Burial (Zang Shu) most popular during the last millennium, this translation makes available the text that links the widespread Chinese practice of fengshui (geomancy) to the fundamental beliefs and moral principles of Chinese culture. This annotation and commentary serve to place the text and the history of burial ritual in the proper cultural context.

Zhang shu text is a major contribution to our understanding of Chinese culture. The Book of Burial is one the oldest and most widely cited manuals for geomancy, central to any understanding of the practice of geomancy during the last several centuries and its connections to both underlying cosmological ideas and the school of thought variously termed Neo-Confucianism.

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