A secret from Chinese alchemy
Take one pound of mercury, and put it in a crucible of the Six-and-One. Then take one pound of Imperial Man (realgar), pound it until it becomes powder-like, and cover the mercury with it. Then take one pound of Leftovers of the Food of Yu (hematite), pound it until it becomes powder-like, and cover the Imperial Man with it. Close the crucible with another crucible of the Six-and-One, seal the joints luting them with the Mud of the Six-and-One, and let it dry.

Place the crucible over a fire of horse manure or chaff for nine days and nine nights. Extinguish the fire, and place the crucible over a fire of charcoal for nine days and nine nights. Extinguish the fire, let the crucible cool for one day and open it. The Medicine will have entirely sublimated, and will adhere to the upper crucible. It will be similar to frost and snow. Brushing with a feather, collect it, and add to it equal quantities of Grease of Dragons, and of Celestial Male (aconite) from Mount Shaoshi.

After ingesting a speck of this elixir for thirty days, a chick will grow wings and become a flying immortal. The ten thousand gods will become your attendants and offer protection, and the Jade Women will be at your service. The divine immortals will welcome you, and you will rise to heaven. The hundred demons, the Gods of Soil and Grain (Sheji), the Count of the Wind (Fengbo), and the Master of Rain (Yushi) will welcome you, and you will have them at your service. For information contact us. These are golden elixirs of china. Chinese spiritual masters used these secret formula long long ago. Alchemy begun in India much before any civilization can dare to think

Worship a menstruating vigina as goddess. Then do intercourse. Collect the all the liquids and mix it with water. This potion increases your life span and fulfill your wishes. Just do it and feel the magic.


           Elixirs are life giving chemicals used by our ancestors years ago. Indian, Chinese, Greeks and Mesopotamians Civilizations were expert in their production and usage. Indians call it Rasayana which cures all diseases and provides immortality to the being. Sometimes they are Herbal and sometimes they are Chemical. In ancient China people uniquely prepared Elixirs with Gold, Mercury and Snake Venoms. Golden Elixir or Portable Gold is the gift of China.
          In the West, Elixirs are known as Philosophers Stone. They were extensively used by our Greek Heroes like Hercules. In India Rishi Chyavan regained youth by these elixirs. Similarly it is a well known fact in Hunza Valley that the people here lives long up to 90 with good health as they consume Silajit. Different types of Elixirs are known as Virgins Milk, Green Dragon etc. They change the total cell structure and mechanism and a metamorphosis takes place. Persons with such mutated cells are called Super Human Beings. Visit our
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MRITUE SANJEEVANI (Elixir of Immortality)

                 Institute of Astrology and Occult Science is a non government organization making research on Ancient wisdom, practiced in India before and after Vedic era. According to it, Our mother nature is self sufficient and is able to eradicate all types of human suffering and is capable of giving the total knowledge of the whole universe. Out Saints of ancient India are so unique in their mind that they were able to experiment & explore the natural Laws in their brain and could express them in simple ways of tradition. They had acquired so much supreme knowledge about the universe and explained them in the form of Veda, Ayurveda, Tantra, Rasayana, Vastu, Jyotisha, Sidhanta, Samhita, Hora etc.

Here in I.A.O we discovered that our knowledge of science today is only a small child in comparison to the scientific knowledge existed in the Pre Vedic era. We are just rediscovering the knowledge already existed.

So for I.A.O had discovered a number of systems, Mechanism & Biological medicines to eradicate all types of human suffering. Our Mritue Sanjeevani is a type of medicine practiced by Great Sukracharya to revive patients from stages of Coma and death or patients nearing death.

We in our I.A.O prepared this Mritue Sanjeevani from herbal materials such as plant extracts and essence of some fruits and treating them with organic & inorganic chemicals. Out of it we have prepared 1st a nasal drop, 2nd a oil for massage, 3rd an injection, 4th a medicine for oral use.

We have injected & orally treated this medicine on Frog, Lizards, Dogs, Pigeons, Fishes, Hens, Monkeys and Rabbits. They showed no reaction or change in activity, rather this medicine was able to cure many diseases of such animals. We are lucky to test this on human beings recently. We are getting tremendous boost from such patients, we have revived from going towards death.

We believe with the help of government and other national and international organizations we will one day revive patients after clinical death. In the name of suffering humanity all over the world, we invite one and all to take advantage of this divine medicine which is quickly in response on starts healing with immediate effect. To get it contact us: info@occulttreasures.com or Ph: +91 0674 2343474.2343574

"It is only in the virtuous ones, the flame full of consciousness appears between the two eye brows which has the appearance of fire, lightening, or a sun. It endows the person with eternal bliss and makes him free of all miseries. They are the truly blessed ones." (Rasahridaya Tantra I:21-26)

Invisibility by means of a Ring
This important operation must be performed on a Wednesday in spring-time, under the auspices of Mercury, when it is known to be conjoined with other favorable planets, such as the Moon, Jupiter, Venus or the Sun. Taking good mercury, fixed and well purified, compose a large ring thereof, so that the same will pass easily over the middle finger of the hand. Let the collect be enriched by a small stone which is found in the pewit's nest.

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Cancer Cure
Cure all diseases
Water of life
Long life elixir
Sex Elixir
Beauty Elixir
Mercury Elixir

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Urine as Elixir

If you want to resolve life-threatening disease conditions, drink every drop of your own urine and neither eat nor drink anything else until you are completely well. This is tested on patients with a variety of serious conditions (cancers, massive infections, heart conditions, etc.) who were frequently near The End. In some cases, the patient was so gravely disabled, that he couldn't produce any urine of his own. In those cases, start the patient with healthy man's urine. Afterwards, the patient was able to produce a small amount of his own. With each subsequent ingestion of urine, the patient would gain in both strength and relief from pain. For the most serious cases, patients drank nothing but their own urine for periods of 90, 120, 150 days! Some, even longer. According to Rudrayamal Tantra different herbs with urine cures different serious disease condition within 3 to 6 months. With Turmeric it cures almost all diseases. To cure yourself contact us. Even taking urine without food can cure cancer. Urine is the greatest of elixirs found by human being. To know more read This Here.

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