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Rahul Gandhi is passing through Moon period. Moon, the seventh lord, is debilitated in the horoscope but gets the aspect of Mercury, the ninth lord.

This shows a great foreign relation and support from foreign land. This is also good for coalition government but the Moon debilitation shows weak partners. This also delays his marriage. But the only problem is how such week partners can able to form a strong government.

Similarly Narendra Modi is passing through Moon period. Some people say his ascendant is Libra and some say it’s Scorpio. For Libra ascendant, Moon as tenth lord debilitated in the second, does not indicate a powerful position. But for Scorpio ascendant, the story is totally different. Moon as the ninth lord debilitated in the ascendant with the ascendant lord creates Mahalaxmi Yoga and Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga. This shows his definite rise to power and help from foreign countries.
Debilitated Moon period of both the Prime Minister Candidates show great struggle to achieve the post of power.

The horoscope of the Bhartiya Janta Party is as follows: Lagna – Gemini; Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn in 3rd house; Moon in 6th house; Mercury, Ketu in 9th house; Sun in 10th house and Venus is placed in the 12th house.
Bhartiya Janta Party is trapped in its internal matters and complications in such a manner that is difficult to even imagine. The issue of corruption is being raised by the BJP and it wants to establish itself on this basis but its leaders and even the President of the party are not unblemished from the very issue of corruption. Given the situation, the top leaders of the Bhartiya Janta Party are themselves responsible for its downfall.
At present Sun’s Mahadasha is in operation and as lord of 3rd house (prowess) Sun is placed in the 10th house and four planets namely Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu are posited in the 3rd house. The significance of this is clear – the party will be successful in re-establishing itself in 2014 and there is a strong possibility that it could play an important role in the formation of the next government. However before this can become a reality it would be imperative for the party to bring forward some new and some old trusted faces.

The Congress Party in India Was Formed On 22nd November 1969 At 9.58am At Banagalore On Saturday With Suklapaksha Chaturdasi. The Planetary Position Of The Party Is As Under:

The Rasi Is Mesha Rasi With Dhannas Lagana. In The Natal Chart Satrun Is Associated With Chandra In Mesha Rasi, Ketu Is In Simha, Sukra Asssociated With Guru, Ravi Associated With Budha In Vruschika Rasi, Kuja In Makara Rasi And Rahu In Kumba.

The Present Running Period Is Kuja Which Happens To Be In Laba Stana And The Association Of Saturn With Chandra Is Beneficial. Even Though Some Conflicts In The Inner Circle, The Association Of Any Alliance With Other Party May Be Short Lived. As Rahu And Ketu Are In Better Position, The Prospects Are bright with other parties. Women Will Dominate The Party And Its Leadership. The Association Of Guru With Sukra Will Fetch Good And Better Results.
Arvind Kejriwal will get an expected success in loksabha polls but he will face some problems also. He will be aggrieved also. Some unexpected sudden happenings will create issues for him and his party. So in this loksabha elections Kejriwal will do a good debut but with some obstacles and losses for him and his party.
Sushma Swaraj is running in a comfortable phase.She is in the Saturn – Venus vinshottary dasha phase .In transition saturn is in best 34 points in ashtakvarga.i see her on prestigious post in coming months.
Horoscope of Mayawati is good for coming months.but she is running in the dasha related to Rahu placed in the second house with malefic mars and she she should be cautious about her health and security.she will play very crucial role in formation of next government in the center.

There are two horoscopes of Jayalalita circulating one is of brish and another is of mithun lagna.from one chart she is going to perform very well and going to play a crucial role in formation of the forth coming government.
Horoscope of Sharad Pawar is too interesting. His dasha is too strong but in transit saturn and jupiter has got very less points. Jupiter is getting 27 points but saturn has got least 19 points. He should take care of his health good future for child in politics is seen.
Horoscope of Rajnath Singh has been too stronger since 16th october 2013.since october he has entered in the Saturn vinshottary mahadasha.saturn is fourth and fifth lord placed in eleventh house aspecting the fifth house directly.there is a sthan parivartan yoga.fifth lord is in eleventh house and eleventh lord is in fifth house.both aspects each other transit jupiter is transiting on 32 points and saturn is on 36 points.i see him on prestigious post in near future.

Nitish Kumar has entered in the vinshottary mahadasha of Rahu since november 2012.Rahu is considered as muslim as Ketu is also considered non hindu or Sikh.since 2012 Nitish is emphasizing much on muslims due to this Rahu effect.his Rahu is in the ninth house with jupiter mercury and sun.he is no doubt in a good phase.
Mulayam Singh also is not running in a bad dasha phase.his transit Jupiter is in 28 points and saturn is in 29 points. But from december 2013 till december 2016 he is running in a strong maraka or fatal phase. The transits are also too adverse. He should first take care of his health.

Sharad Yadav can achieve success unexpectedly. There is much more suddenness and unexpectedness in his chart.

Sri Naveen Pattnaik shows conjunction of the lord of the ninth and tenth houses i.e. Jupiter and Mars.
B.J.D. will get majority. No coalition needed.
Naveen will not play a major role in Delhi politics.
Psychic reading Rahul Gandhi says he will face many obstacles and tension as a very optimistic and positive person he always come out from his problems. But he will face many unfavorable circumstances.
Psychic reading of Sri Narendra Modi shows as he is experienced in the field of politics but he has no strength to fight for the prime Minister seat. He will not get enough support from other parties.
Psychic reading of Srimati Sonia Gandhi shows her party will not find majority or support. Her party will lose her power over country. For this Indian election, psychic reading of Congress party shows lack of support to rise.
B.J.P. Psychic reading shows better condition for the party. Its fortune an edge over congress. There is a chance of forming the Govt.

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