Diamond or Heera

This gem will give you very happy and luxurious life and will help the wearer to get his hidden quality. And will also improve the sexual power of the wearer. It was therefore thought to bring victory to the wearer, by endowing him with superior strength, fortitude, and courage. Marbodus ("De lapidibus," Friburgi, 1531, f. 8.) tells us it was a magic stone of great power and served to drive away nocturnal specters; for this purpose it should be set in gold and worn on the left arm.

This is the stone of planet Venus. So gives life full of prosperity, love, good marriage, beautiful wife etc. Venus as the planet of arts, it is highly recommended for actor, actress, producers, directors, stage performers, artist, models, prostitutes and sculpturist. We have best quality of big diamonds with us. Best quality diamonds are always from India. To get it contact us directly.

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