Devil's Toenail

A classic location to find these fossils is Redcar on the northeast coast of England. There used to be a common folk belief that carrying one of these fossils could prevent rheumatism. They are also in abundance in the state of Kansas in riverbeds and cliffs, and are easy to collect and find.

They were apparently used in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to cure pain in the joints. Oakley made the interesting point that their contorted appearance is suggestive of painful joints, an example of sympathetic medicine.

Knell quoted a passage from a diary written on 10 April 1696 by a local man, Abraham de la Pryne, which says that powdered Gryphaea was used to cure '...a horse's sore back...'

These fossil give protection from Arteritis and all bone related problems. To get one contact us.


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