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# Might be within you #

The term "demons" was not always understood to have the absolutely negative connotation that it does today. Homer used the terms "demons" and "gods" more or less interchangeably. Another opinion was that demons were intermediaries between men and gods, and that demons had once been men. Plutarch speaks of "human souls as commencing, first heroes, then demons, and afterward as advancing to a more sublime degree." Philo of Byblus seems to draw on this same tradition when he states that, "The most ancient of the barbarians, especially the Phoenicians and Egyptians, from whom other people derived this custom, accounted those the greatest gods who had found out things most necessary and useful in life -- and had been benefactors to mankind."

There is, of course, a true doctrine about demons or evil spirits, namely, that portion of Catholic theology which treats of the creation and fall of the rebel angels, and of the various ways in which these fallen spirits are permitted to tempt and afflict the children of men. But for the most part these questions will be dealt with elsewhere in this work. Here, on the contrary, our chief concern is with the various ethnic, Jewish, and heretical systems of demonology. These systems are so many that it will be out of the question to deal with them all or to set forth their doctrines with completeness. And indeed a full treatment of these strange doctrines of demons might well seem somewhat out of place in these pages. It will be enough to give some indication of the main features of a few of the more important systems in various lands and in distant ages. This may enable the reader to appreciate the important part played by these ideas in the course of human history and their influence on the religion and morals and social life of the people. At the same time some attempt may be made to distinguish the scattered elements of truth which may still be found in this vast fabric of falsehood — truths of natural religion, recorded experience of actual facts, even perhaps remnants of revealed teaching that come from the Jewish and Christian Scriptures or from primitive tradition. This point has some importance at the present day, when the real or apparent agreement between heathen legend and Christian theology is so often made a ground of objection against the truth of revealed religion.

Before we get into the warning signs, I want to make an important point. What follows is a guide; it can help you to make a determination whether there is a psychiatric problem or a demonic one. However, it is not the end all. One should not read an article on brain tumors and diagnose themselves as having one. Neither should they look at this article and decide they are possessed by an evil entity. If you are the type of person who is very suggestible, I suggest you do not read any further. The purpose of this article is to inform people regarding what is out there. It is not meant to scare the hell out of anyone. If you feel that you are or may be possessed, please contact a professional. You can contact this website or any other site that deals with the subject of demonic possession. Do not diagnose yourself.

The line between the posesion in mental illness is not so vague. There is some gray area but there are so many things that occur with possession, things that are taking place around the person, that it is hard to classify what is taking place as strictly psychiatric. Those things are called “outward manifestations.” These are things like moving objects in the house, voices that are not coming from the person. There may even be physical assaults by unseen entities.

What we will do here is produce a list of conditions that must be met to properly diagnose the problem. Where there are emotional symptoms or symptoms that are likely to be a result of mental illness, I will say so. However, it must be pointed out that many who are possessed are also mentally ill. It may be a direct result of the possession; it may be why the possession took place.

Outward Manifestations

1 Objects move around seemingly by themselves.

2 Objects may disappear and not be found again. (Asporting)

3 Objects may disappear and be found in another location. (Teleporting)

4 Objects may disappear and later be found where they originally were.

5 Objects may come from nowhere. (Apports)

6 Knocking, banging or pounding may be heard throughout the house or in just one room.

7 Objects fly around as if they were thrown from unseen hands.

8 There may be knocks at the door but no one is ever there. These are often heard in threes, as this is a way of mocking the Holy Trinity. Ditto for doorbells.

9 Religious articles disappear or are destroyed. They may also be desecrated.

10 Growling may be heard but the source cannot be located.

11 There may be scratching sounds heard without an obvious source.

12 There may be foul odors that have no verifiable source. They may come and go.

13 Odd lights may be seen. They may shoot around a room.

14 Heavy furniture may move on its own.

15 There may be sightings of people or dark shadows that may or may not have form.

16 Odd-looking creatures may be seen.

17 Doors and drawers may open and close on their own.

18 Electrical appliances may turn on or off.

19 Spontaneous fires may start up.

20 Animals may become spooked and stay away from the targeted person altogether.

21 Animals may growl at something they see but you do not.

22 Any talk of God or religion may cause an outbreak of activity.

23 Glass may break for no reason.

24 Sounds of glass breaking may be heard but there is no evidence of it happening.

25 There may be sudden temperature changes, up and down although it is usually down. These can be recorder on a thermometer.

25 A person may suddenly become cold while the temperature remains constant. A thermometer may record a one to two degree drop in that person.

26 People may have a feeling of being watched or that they are not alone.

27 People may hear voices when no one is present.

28 People will often hear their name called only to find that no one is around. Sometimes, a couple will each think they heard the other call to them.

29 There may be a sensation of wind blowing even with the windows closed.

30 Lights will go off or not come on when turned on.

31 Apparent retaliation after some attempt to stop the activity.

32 Activity starts up when you attempt to say prayers.

33 Apparent retaliation if a clergyman has been to the home.

34 Physical attacks. It might be in the form of punching, scratching, biting, hair pulling, etc.

35 Psychological attacks. The devil knows your weaknesses and will try to exploit them. Someone who feels ashamed about something will have an increase in that emotion. The same is true for depression, anxiety and anything else you can think of.

36 Sexual assaults. This can run the gamut from fondling to actual penetration. This can occur in males as well as females.

37 Levitation of objects or people.

If any such things happen with you contact us immediately.

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