Anyone possessing such a Kharjura-Mani attains piety, rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems.
A man in possession of such a palm stone will never be troubled by snakes, demonic beings, diseases, or disturbances in any form. Even it is believed to invite the gods of other world to help you .
These palm stones are highly qualitative and able to confer all kinds of wealth. His aura increases so much that every body get enchanted.
This type of Kharjura Mani bestows power, position, leadership,victory, great courage and success in endeavors. A mysterious stone of the ancients. Preserved as a precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. Best for wearing as a locket. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss.
It gives intelligent, wisdom, great mental ability and freedom from poverty.


Kharjura Mani

# Date Palm Stone #


Khajura Mani Or Date Palm stone is the one always meant in the Bible; it is the most common and the most useful of the large family of palm stones. The tree has one single stem which never branches, but rises like a straight, slender column to a great height, and bears at its top a crown of very large and graceful feather-shaped leaves. The old leaves gradually drop off below and new ones grow from the center, keeping the crown always full and green. The flowers are borne in large clusters of many thousands, which hang from among the leaves. The staminate and pistil late flowers are on separate trees, and the Arabs are accustomed to cut the pollen-bearing clusters and tie them in the fertile trees that the fruit may be full and good. The dates are the main dependence of the people in countries where they grow, eaten fresh and preserved in many ways. Other parts of the tree are also useful, especially the large, strong leaves with their tough fiber.

Palm Pearl in ancient desert sands grew and satisfied almost every need the ancient Jews needed. The Jews ate the palm tree dates; the tree juices were fermented into wine; the trunk of the palm tree was used as construction timber; and the palm leaves were woven into baskets, mats, brooms, beds, ropes and made into furniture.

Promises were made in the Hebrew Bible by God for a new home for the nation of Israel, and the moving finger on the wall pointed to the palm tree as the perfect supplier of food, shelter and medicine. This was the promised land of "milk and honey, (palm dates.)" the land of Canaan located on the banks of the Jordan River.

Ezekiel 47-12: "All kinds of fruit trees will grow along the river banks, the leaves will never turn brown and fall, and there will always be fruit. There will be a new crop every month- without fail! For they are watered by the river flowing from the Temple. The fruit will be for food and the leaves for medicine."

Date palm trees grow tall point toward the infinite heavens where there is a promise of Life Eternal. The symbolism of the straight trunk of the palm tree is clear; that humans should journey down the straight path that leads Christians toward righteousness. The straight soft trunk was capped with a canopy of 20 foot leaves of green that unfolded like a botanical star burst. The delicious honey-sweet dates fed the ancient Jewish nomads and the eventual settlers of Israel. The palm leaves shaded the hot, bright desert sands and the fibers provided a plethora of uses in the primitive lands.

The ancient date palm tree, it has been suggested, is the oldest fruit bearing tree on earth. Palm trees grow worldwide from sandy deserts to tropical rain forests. The palm trees has been grown in grove plantings, since the ancients understood the food value of the dates and the exotic appearance and shading on the landscape of the desert sands. Palm trees were often planted near an oasis as a source of water, shade and food. Kharjura mani a miracle on earth.

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These are highly precious yellow colored palm stone, which is praised by he ancients to give every kind of happiness, fortune and riches. It cures serious health disorders naturally. This can be worn as a amulet against fear misfortune and legal problem.
Cures chronic diseases and avoid death. According to Garuda Purana it gives wisdom, victory and blessing of gods. Generally it is preserved as a crown gem in the kings treasure.
It bless one with the power of Kharjura Dev. Abundant, fortune, reaches and great happiness comes to him easily in life.
This palm stone is highly precious and virtuous to confer all kinds of wealth, power, position, greatness and good health.

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