Dakshinavarta Shankh

Dakshinavarta Shankh (a unique marine shell) or Valampuri: In Bhagavad-Gita, the loud roar of the conch-shells blown by the Pandava army is said to have unnerved the Kauravas. Krishna's conch-shell was named ‘Panchajanya’, Arjuna’s   ‘Devadatta’, Bhima’s ‘Paundra’. Yudhisthira’s ‘Ananta-vijaya’, Nakula’s ‘Sughosha’ amd Sahadeva’s “Mani-pushpaka’. It is among eight auspicious(Astamangala) things. Samkha’ has the etymological meaning of pacifying the inauspicious. The auspiciousness is due to the golden section spiral under Fibonacci series. Conches are of two types. Dakshinavarta is most precious one. This rare, highly auspicious and much coveted Shankh also belongs to the same species as the regular Shankh known as turbinella pyrum but opens to the left - sinistral. Hence this species is called sinistral turbinella pyrum. The true Dakshinavarta Shankh has the three or more horizontal lines at the inside center opening Conch Shells which spiral to the right are very rare and considered especially sacred, the right spiral mirroring the motion of the sun, moon, planets and stars across the sky. Also, the hair whorls on Buddha's head spiral to the right, as do his fine bodily hairs, the long white curl between his eyebrows and the conch like swirl of his navel. 

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