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Cthulhu Mythos

# The Necronomicon #

The Cthulhu Mythos was first revealed in a group of related stories by the American writer H.P. Lovecraft. Beginning with "The Call of Cthulhu" in Weird Tales, Lovecraft began referring in his horror stories to a pantheon of beings known as the Old Ones, who had descended to Earth from the stars in pre-human times. First worshipped by the non-human races of the planet, the Old Ones were later banished or locked away by the elder gods. The elder gods do not enter into the stories much, and their identity is a mystery. They left the Old Ones weakened, but not destroyed. When man appeared, he found traces of the older civilizations and remnants of the pre-human races. Religions grew up around the Old Ones and legends of their imminent return to power -- especially around Cthulhu. Bits of the old lore were discovered and transcribed into books, extremely dangerous books.

Lovecraft's friends (who included Clark Ashton Smith, Frank Belknap Long, Robert Bloch, Robert E. Howard and August Derleth), wrote stories that "tied in" with the discovery of pre-human relics, the revival of ancient worship, or the consequences of finding a "forbidden book" dealing with the Old Ones and their secrets. No great effort was made to keep these stories consistent with each other. After Lovecraft's death in 1937, August Derleth founded Arkham House publishing company to reprint his works. Derleth also wrote a number of stories dealing with Lovecraftian themes or based on fragments of Lovecraft's writings. Since then a number of younger authors, outstanding among whom are Lin Carter, Ramsey Campbell and Brian Lumley, have written stories based on the growing Cthulhu mythology.

Cults of men, and particularly of non-human creatures, keep alive the worship of the Great Old Ones and anxiously await their return to power. Various evil magic-users and priests, desirous of superhuman powers, experiment with some of the forbidden books (such as The Necronomicon) and occasionally unleash some horror on themselves or their surroundings. Merely speaking the name of one of the Old Ones results in a 5% chance that the god named will hear, for these deities are quite attuned to the Prime Material Plane. If the god does hear its name spoken, it will appear and attempt to kill the being so rash as to speak its name (some of the greater gods will send minions to accomplish this).

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