Crop Circles

Crop Circles: The source and the meaning of crop circles are mysteries. Perhaps they come from extraterrestrials, or from another dimension, or from the future. Trilling and other 'unexplained' sounds have been heard in the vicinity of crop circles. Crop formations consist of geometrically organized regions ranging from 2 to 80 m diameter, in which the plants (primarily grain crops) are flattened in a horizontal position.

Most possibly this is effect of sun's oscillation. The Sun's surface percolating in huge oscillating patches of seismic resonance, or outwardly convicting acoustic frequencies, pictured in graphic images bearing stunning similarities to the companion Crop Circle formations. The arrival of these formations at the Solar maximum underscored and bore witness to the knowledge that, as discovered in 1960, the Sun is 'propagating sound waves', 'in a two octave span centered on five minutes' (Goldrich and Kumar 1990).Sound waves escaping the Sun's interior create fountains of hot gas that shape and power the chromosphere, a thin region of the sun's atmosphere which appears as a ruby red "ring of fire" around the moon during a total solar eclipse. Imagine spiraling through the galactic soup, as we are being subliminally serenaded by our own rhythmic solar heartbeat: we all might be said to be resonating to the beat of the same drummer after all; one that seems to be hearkening us to a new reality, as Earth is continually bathed in surging Archimedean Spirals of sonic Solar waves, emanating from the rotating Sun. Of particular note also is the fact that Ed has recognized and disseminated since 1990 that 'sound' is reflected in the biophysical effects of genuine Crop Circle creation and in their design symbolism as being one of the formative agents in their co-creation.

Early examples of crop circles were usually simple circular patterns of various sizes. After some years, more complex geometric patterns emerged. In addition to circle designs based on sacred geometry, some of the later formations, those occurring after 2000, are based on other principles, including fractals. Many crop circles now have fine intricate detail, regular symmetry and careful composition. Elements of three-dimensionality have been introduced, and some crop circles appear to be inspired by animals or religious symbols.

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