Cosmic Codes

Cosmic codes:  According to Russian Research our space moves in a Torroidal path called Torsion waves produce by the motion of our milky way Galaxy due to its rotational movement. So everything in the universe grows in a helical fashion. So the tissues in a tree grow in a helical fashion. Even this structure is found in holy conches and Shaligram which are in Fibonacci series. So the water in these structure is virtuous in killing diseases. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The essence of evolution can also be found in religion, and therefore in the realm of the evolution of consciousness... in the book "Hermetic Code in DNA: The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe" writer Michael Hayes made an examination of the precise code that connects ancient spirituality with modern science. It Shows how the numerical patterns in ancient philosophies are evident in both the structure of the universe and the helical structure of DNA Reveals that music theory comes from an intuitive understanding of the resonant harmony of the cosmos.

Many have observed the distinct numerical patterns embedded in ancient philosophies and religions from all over the world; others have noted that these same patterns are apparent in many of the theories of groundbreaking science. Michael Hayes reveals that there is a precise code, the Hermetic Code, that connects these patterns--information once known to ancient cultures but apparently lost over time. Mirrored in the structure of this code are the ordering principles of the universe and, intriguingly, also the harmonic ratios of music. Our notions of what is harmonious in music may therefore arise not from an abstract aesthetic sense but as a response to an intuition of a fundamental cosmic harmony.

The resonance between biology and cosmology shows that life is music, complete with “overtones”--nowhere more strikingly present than in the helical structure of life itself: DNA. Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates. Therefore the connecting link between all forms of energy is vibration, sympathetic harmony, and resonance. Dr. Dan Burisch, David Wilcock, and others have discovered that a simply quartz crystal, electricity, and water are all the ingredients needed to create a medium for spontaneous DNA to appear in the vacuum. Every mind effects the other.. and our unification creates this reality around us. However, we are not the only intelligent consciousness in this universe. Our planet Earth, the sun, and all of it's sister stars are very much alive and consciousness.. And they evolve on a macro scale just like the amoeba evolve on a micro scale.

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