Coral or Prabal, Moonga

To still tempests and traverse broad rivers in safety was the privilege of one who bore either red or white coral with him. That this also stanched the flow of blood from a wound, cured madness, and gave wisdom, was said to have been experimentally proved. It increases blood and maintains blood pressure. It also give success in surgical operation.

Coral or Moonga, which for twenty centuries or more was classed among the precious stones, to retain its power as an amulet, must not have been worked, and in Italy only such pieces are valued for this purpose as have been freshly gathered from the sea or have been cast up by the sea on the shore. To exercise all its power against spells, or enchantments, coral must be worn where its brilliant color makes it conspicuous.

The Wearer of coral or praval or Moonga, becomes courageous and this gem also helps in curing all sorts of blood related and heart diseases. This gem strengthens the memory, calms emotions and anger and also increases peace of mind and will destroy all your tensions. This gem provides vitality and wisdom and also prevents a married women from widowhood.

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