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Astrology. Reincarnation. A new blood religion. In this chilling yet fascinating glimpse at recent historical events, discover how Nazi beliefs were based on a perversion of ancient myths, pagan lore and the occult. In their quest to create an Aryan superace, the Nazis left no myth or religion unexploited � using astrological forecasts to plan battles; pendulums to locate allied battleships; the prophesies of Nostradamus to frighten the Allies, and sacred symbols, such as Nordic runes, to inspire their warriors to battle. Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy explores the disturbing ways the Third Reich linked occult practices with political aims � and created a reign of terror unparalleled in history.

The Nazis wanted to build a sinister New World Order led by a so-called race of Aryan supermen, spreading a reign of terror unlike any the world had ever known. Many believe the Nazis conjured strange spirits and followed occult practices that had lain dormant in Europe for thousands of years. Now documents prove that their beliefs were based on a perversion of ancient pagan law; a twisting of mythic battles between forces of light and darkness and of a terrifying journey into a world ruled by mystics, madmen and murderers.

The Himalayas of Tibet. In the 1930s, the Nazis began searching the top of the world for evidence of ancient high-priests who they believed were their blood ancestors. The Nazi belief in these ancestors was to form the foundation of Germany's new religion. A religion with Adolf Hitler as its high-priest. Inspiring Hitler's evil crusade, was a belief that pure Aryan blood was being contaminated by so-called "inferior races" and that once rid of foreign elements, a new race of Aryan supermen would rule the world. This was the Nazi interpretation of ancient myths and occult lore dating back thousands of years.

Having won the unquestioning support of the German people, Hitler was now ready to dominate the world. From the onset of the war in 1939, country after country fell to the Nazis. By the winter of 1942, however, the tide turned and the Nazis began to experience what they thought was impossible--defeat. As the Nazi war effort grew more and more desperate, they expanded their use of the occult sciences. From research and ritual to a basis for making military decisions. Certain members of the German naval command became convinced that the allies were already employing mystical forces to wage war against Germany. They believed that the British successes of locating and destroying German u-boats had been achieved through occult means and that the best way to combat this was also by using the occult as a weapon. British intelligence discovered the deception and recognizing its propaganda potential, began to wage their own Nostradamus campaign.

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