Cloud pearl is the pearl of Gods

Cloud stone,
Cloud mutya,
Cloud moti,
Cloud bezoar,
Cloud goddess,
Cloud mustika,
Cloud nature offspring,
Cloud unusual natural occurence, Conch extraordinary emerging,
Cloud nature kiwi fruit,
Cloud jewel,
Cloud celestial light,
Cloud charm,
Cloud amulet,
Cloud young beautiful girl,
Cloud jaman mapun,
Cloud muntia,
Cloud negrito,
Cloud manobo,
Cloud zambal,
Cloud samar leyte,
Cloud tagabili,
Cloud mutu,
Cloud mutijara,
Cloud mutiara,
Cloud timor,
Cloud batak,
Cloud momi,
Cloud rangi,
Cloud motia,
Cloud muthu,
Cloud mote,
Cloud retna

The pearl from the dugong (called “Ikan-duyung” in Indonesian) for instance, floats in salt water, but sinks in fresh water; this and the crystallized pearl from its tear are good for love-spells. The otter-pearl attracts lots of fishes during fishing trips; the fossilized egg of a crocodile increases one’s sexual prowess; the dew-pearl beautifies one’s aura–the smaller sizes of these pearls when moisten with one’s finger, coheres to it as it is dragged across a smooth surface; the golden carp and bamboo (symbols of wealth, business advantage, and longevity in Chinese lore) -pearls attracts lots of luck and increases prosperity; the centipede pearl helps one to choose the right numbers during gambling; the owl-pearl helps to improve one’s psychic senses; the Galih Kelor seed-pearl wards-off negative energies in the form of black magick and psychic attack; the boar-pearl makes one invulnerable to sharp weapons.



Maha Megha Mani

Cloud Gem

Megha Mukta or Cloud Pearl: Highly praised as a divine stone but rarely available. Sri Krishna had such a stone with him. Megha Mukta - These pearls are from the Iceland of Sumbhaua lying somewhere near the east of java. Centuries ago there was a spiritual master from India, demonstrated his proficiency in gathering a cloud over a area. This clouds condense and disappear in to the ground. Years later the area was dug and the pearl were discovered. Today even this stone gathers the cloud if placed facing open sky.

According to Garuda Purana even the lowborn man would become supreme ruler by possessing such a ancient pearl and no form of evil could even touch the land within eight thousand mile radius. The Bruhat Samhita reinforces the existence of ancient Cloud Pearls using the following language-
"They say that pearl is produced in the clouds of the seventh layer of wind in the sky in the manner of hail-stones. It falls there with the brilliance of lightning and is taken away (before it reaches the earth) by the denizens of heaven.


Shamans voice: Aura opener inside the body so that the wearer's face would nampah Mustika much younger / youthful so that wherever they are in love and will always be in love every orang.Setiap person who sees will be enthralled
Opening Aura Mustika luck so users will always be Lucky / profits continue, easily in negotiating or selling, Mustika So this is very good for those of you who used berkecimpun in business / sales / business
Special and General Compassion, Insha Allah by means of this self Mustika wearer will make it easy in the search for a mate / companion living at its best
Spiritual intelligence that automatically self wearer will always have a real teacher who will guide him in the direction of positive things and also automatically will have the science Sabdo dadi / say what will become a reality in
This Mustika golden yellow aura emitting a very bright, Yoni mustika able to penetrate the dimensions of space and time and can be used to win a leadership election / election.

We represent one of the largest and oldest online dealer of bezoar-mustika pearls with about 15 years involvement in the business and have a clientele in many parts of the world. Our local sources and associates have been engaged in this bezoar stones-magickal pearls commerce for a greater length of time and are highly experienced in pearl-acquisition work through shamanic methods. Our business operation is based physically in Indonesia though we do not maintain any store open for the public. where we offer magickal items (such as talismans, amulets, charms, knowledgepapers, genies/jinns, Devas) based on Indian and world occultism. The recent surge of interest and demand for magical pearls have triggered a greater search on the part of our associates and ourselves to acquire these pearls from Nature and by networking with other shamans; our collection of mustika pearls is therefore extensive and we carry a wide range of these natural stones derived from the remains of animals, plants and those created out of the natural events and anomalies of nature. The director/administrator of this site has been involved in the field of practical metaphysics, occultism, and esotericism for over 20 years.

The appearance of such a man on earth who obtained an ancient cloud pearl during his lifetime would bring good fortune not only to himself, but also to the entire human race as well.

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Pearl of gods

 Sri Garuda Purana states that a Cloud Pearl is of greater value than the total mass of the Earth's oceans filled with an averaged mass of gold and precious stones.

This Mustika one of our comrades private collection in which he himself was a collector of magical objects which have unique characteristics, Mustika comes from a penance behavior and it is not easy to get this Mustika. Mustika is useful for media means;
Opener hijab within
The activation energy nodes in the body so that the person who has it will have a Strength Mustika supernatural or own advantages in comparison of others
Exuding an aura of glory, making it easier in the dreams and hopes Achieved
Exuding an aura of high tinggat Pengasihan
Fence goib.

Having a companion Khodam
Enabling sedulu papat / 4 companion
Quickly open the senses to sixth
Hockey or luck
Easy to get Wang sit
And many more other uses.
 Nature, the great alchemist, produces animal and plant stones in her laboratory under the appropriate conditions known at present only to Her; we are blessed that these stones are available for healing some of the psychological and physical ills that we constantly suffer.

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