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Chaos Magic

# Ancient Formula #

This magical discipline was first formulated in West Yorkshire, England in the 1970s. Through a variety of techniques often reminiscent of Western ceremonial magic or neoshamanism, many practitioners believe they can change both their subjective experience and objective reality, though some chaos magicians dispute that magic occurs through paranormal means. Those wo want to study deeply join wizards course.

Here is unique technique for divine sex and Kundaini experience.
1. Relax; take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the present
sensation of the extremities.

2. Allow yourself to feel the gradual decrease in sensitivity of the
limbs as you drop off to sleep.

3. Switch your attention rapidly from limb to limb, but block out
extraneous thoughts as completely as possible.

4. When nearly all sensation is lost in the extremities, switch your
attention to the spine; localize your attention to the sensation
at each vertebra. Send a current of energy up from the base very
slowly to the top.

5. When the current reaches the top, visualize the entire spine as a
penis, and the point where it enters the skull as the
sexually-oriented orifice of your choice.

6. Concentrate now on the sensation of the spine-penis entering the
foramen magnum-orifice. When bringing the sensation to the
concious level, recall that it is your penis and/or your orifice;
a great deal of sensation is being generated.

7. Hold the images and sensations in mind until you do, in fact, fall
asleep. Attempt immediately to hold up your dream-hands in front
of your eyes.

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