Cat's Eye or Vaidurya

The cat's-eye variety of chrysoberyl, or precious cat's-eye, is used by the natives of Ceylon as a charm against evil spirits. As a proof of the high value set upon the gem in India, De Boot states that a cat's-eye estimated as worth ninety gold pieces in Lusitania was sold for six hundred in India. Some of the finest specimens come from Ceylon.

This gem will protect the wearer from all the types of mysterious dangers and diseases. The wearer of this gem will win all the types of lotteries, pools, bango, and will be successful in all the types of gambling like horse racing, casinos etc. Now change your future instantly, by this gem any type of gambling yes any type of gambling that you will play, will bring you success and so here the way to your success and happiness starts as now and very soon all your money problems will be over and you will live a very happy rich life. If you want get your lost empire cat's eye is the stone. This is suppose to cure cancer.

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