Gaja Mukta (elephant pearl)

This is brownish white stone formed within an elephant. As a favorite of Maha Laxmi, it gives enormous wealth. Gaja Mukta – Gaja Moti is a rare pearl, which forms near the ivory.

This is a highly precious treasure stored in the treasure house of all the Indian kings and all so in the foreign region. This treasure is only found in Airavata race it confers all kinds of wealth, victory, sons and cures incurable diseases.

These pearls comes from the head of elephant. They are of many qualities. Spirit of ancient great elephants are infused in it . These pearls gives abundant fortune and wealth. Starting from Price: $754 or Rs.32000/- onwards. To get It Click Here




Bezoar or mustika: Mustikas are unusual objects formed in animals and plants. They may assume the shape of regular oyster-pearls and tumbled stones or in unusual shapes and sizes. In their unpolished /untumbled state, they have a rough texture. Unlike oysters that form pearls out of irritation, Nature forms these pearls in the bodies of diverse animals, plants and fruits for some reason unknown as yet to us. They are unusual creations that may correspond to human cancers, cysts, and tumors. Not all animals or plants of the same species form these pearls, but they possibly do occur in almost every living being. It would be appropriate here to explain the word "Mustika": it is from the Kawi language, of an old Javanese origin and translates as, "magic jewel," or "precious stone." Some Indonesian occultists use the word to refer to any magical object or power.

Magical pearls are held in great regard not only because of their scarcity, and sometimes beauty, but also because of the power that resides in them. These pearls are formed with the help of elementals spirits--gnomes, elves, and other enteric beings of Nature. Some mustika are fossilized parts of an animal or a plant,
such as the eyes of a creature. After thousands or millions of years these eyes through a natural process have crystallized, hardened and acquired occult powers. A mustika-pearl is still more powerful than an ordinary gemstone or crystal as it possesses the energies of the Guardian Group-Spirit or Intelligences (Animal Totems/ Plant Devas) of the animal/plant species embedded in it. Centipede are one of the many creatures that form pearls. These pearls are formed by the mucous of the giant centipede, which it plays about with its mandibles and then places it on top of its head where it crystallizes and in time falls off to the ground. Some centipede pearls are formed in the stomach. Genuine centipede mustika pearls are prized by gamblers for the luck that it bestows upon its master. Pearls from elephant heads, bamboo stems, boar heads, fish mouths, and conch shells are lusterless, even though possessed of other auspicious qualities [Not all crowns of animals are lusterless--some have clear crystalline-structures and do give forth a sheen; some bamboo pearls also have luster]. Pearls from conch shells are usually the size of a large kona (the large end of a drum stick), and they possess a color similar to their host shell. Lots of bamboo pearls come from Ujung Kulon, Java, which secret sources say is one of the remote places where the Indonesian Spiritual Masters regularly convene.

Cloud pearls rarely reach this earthly world, because they are usually taken away by the demigods. According to Garuda Puran, even a low born man would become supreme ruler of the entire world if, as result of some past pious actions, he were to come into possession of such a pearl. The appearance of such a man on earth who obtained a cloud pearl during his lifetime would bring good fortune not only to himself, but to the entire human race as well. No form of evil could even touch the land within an 8,000 mile radius of his birthplace.

A Naga-mani gives rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems. A man in possession of such a snake pearl will never be troubled by snakes, demonic beings, diseases, or disturbances in any form. Most of the Mustika Pearls & Bezoar stones come from Indonesia. They are found only in places where nature is undisturbed, and the elemental and spiritual energy is very high. Mustika pearls gives good luck and all round success. We collect them after lots of efforts by shamans. To get these beautiful and lucky stones click here

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Megha Mukta
(Cloud Pearl)

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Highly praised as a divine stone but rarely available. Sri Krishna had such a stone with him. Megha Mukta - These pearls are from the Iceland of Sumbhaua lying somewhere near the east of java.

Centuries ago there was a master martial artiest from china demonstrated his proficiency in gathering a cloud over a area. This clouds condense and disappear in to the ground. Years later the area was dug and the pearl were discovered.

According to Garuda Purana even the lowborn man would become supreme ruler by possessing such a pearl and no form of evil could even touch the land within eight thousand mile radius.


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