Banyan Tree stone

 This gem is also known as
Banyan Tree stone,
Banyan Tree mutya,
Banyan Tree moti,
Banyan Tree bezoar,
Banyan Tree goddess,
Banyan Tree mustika,
Banyan Tree nature offspring,
Banyan Tree unusual natural occurence,
Banyan Tree extraordinary emerging,
Banyan Tree nature kiwi fruit,
Banyan Tree jewel,
Banyan Tree celestial light,
Banyan Tree charm,
Banyan Tree amulet,
Banyan Tree young beautiful girl of,
Banyan Tree jaman mapun,
Banyan Tree muntia,
Banyan Tree negrito,
Banyan Tree manobo,
Banyan Tree zambal,
Banyan Tree samar leyte,
Banyan Tree tagabili,
Banyan Tree mutu,
Banyan Tree mutijara,
Banyan Tree timor,
Banyan Tree batak,
Banyan Tree momi,
Banyan Tree rangi,
Banyan Tree motia,
Banyan Tree muthu,
Banyan Tree mote,
Banyan Tree retna


Bata Briksha Mani

#Banyan Tree Stone#

Bata Briksha Mani Or Banyan Tree Stone:- Legend says that during his invasion of India, Alexander the Great was able to shelter his entire army of 30,000 men beneath a single banyan tree like this. While that may seem far-fetched, hang on a bit until we show why it just might be true!  a mighty Fig or Banyan tree. Ficus Benjamina is its scientific botanical name, to distinguish it from dozens of other species of so-called "fig" trees that grow around the world - all of which seem happy to fight for every nook and cranny of Metropolitan Miami, a subtropical metropolis in South Florida that is as big or bigger than the states of Delaware or Rhode Island.

Energy: Receptive
Element: Akasha
Powers: Longevity, Past-Life Regression, Healing, Protection
Magical Uses:
This mani stone consists of ancient trees that, eons ago, were
covered with mineral-rich water. The water slowly dissolved the
wood and replaced it with various minerals. This process produced
what we know as "wood gem."
It is a wood geliga and is ruled by Akasha.
Because of its great antiquity (These jewels are millions of years
old), it is carried or utilized in spells designed to extend the life span
or, alternately, to increase our enjoyment of, and evolution within,
our lives.
Also, due to its age, This Mani is used to recall past incarnations.
The "stone" is carried as a protective amulet because of its hardness
and strange appearance. In earlier times it was thought to "scare
off" evil. Today we view it as setting up barriers of energy which
deflect negativity.
This is also carried as a charm against drowning.

It can ground you to the earth. Aids in preventing work stress. Restores physical energy. Protects against infections and bodily injuries. Helpful for arthritis, environmental pollutants, and skeletal systems. Relates to tissue regeneration and longevity. Helps us enjoy life and the evolution within out life. Used to recall past incarnations and ancient powers.

Shaman Voice:                                                                   Safety Dhohir and inner,
The power of self-defense immunity,
Powerful authority,
The great charisma,
Compassion through the eye,
To support the inner Sports / meditate,
Adding sharp intuition,
Adding intelligence,
Anti gendam and cablek,
Warding of all recite the mantra that will harm him,
Cut off from all dangers and calamities.
Cut off from all distractions spirits / land frightening / air fiend.
As well as these gems bring influence socially didlm sympathy / compassion / peace / patience / justice

Anyone possessing such a magical Banyan Tree Pearl attains piety, rare good fortune, and eventually becomes illustrious as a leader of men, complete with a great collection of all precious gems.

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