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This banana tree stone is highly precious and virtuous to confer all kinds of wealth, power, position, greatness and good health. Suitable for ladies to have a happy and prosperous family life for all times to come. Rare and beautiful. This is also known as banana mani
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Rambha Mani

# Banana Tree Stone #


Rambha Mani (Banana Tree Stone): - Bnana Tree Pearl gives desired results and health benefits. Sacred pearl favorable for all holy purpose. Great health benefits are there. Weak people will grow stronger naturally.

Though banana is not a tree but it is considered a tree because of its structure and size. It is a very sacred tree and all parts of the tree are used for some purpose or the other. For example, the trunk of banana is used to erect welcoming gates. The leaves are used to make the ceremonial pavilion. In some pooja, the leaves are used to serve "prashad". Just as leaves of bell tree are customarily offered to Lord Siva, it is believed that offering of the leaves of banana pleases Lord Ganesh. Banana as a fruit is offered to Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Infect, the eleventh day of the bright half of Pausa (December-January) is considered to be very auspicious to offer banana to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and sixth day of the bright fortnight of Kartika (October-November) is considered auspicious to offer banana to the Sun god. In some regions, banana tree is worshipped while performing Kadali Vrata or fast. According to tradition, during Vaisakha, Magha or Kartika sukla chaturdasi, a banana tree is planted and nurtured till it bears fruit. It is said that worshiping the tree with flowers, fruit, etc. will help in the welfare of one's family.

Shaman's Voice: This Mustika one of our comrades private collection in which he himself was a collector of magical objects which have unique characteristics, Mustika comes from a penance behavior and it is not easy to get this Mustika. Mustika is useful for media means;
Opener hijab within
The activation energy nodes in the body so that the person who has it will have a Strength Mustika supernatural or own advantages in comparison of others
Exuding an aura of glory, making it easier in the dreams and hopes Achieved
Exuding an aura of high tinggat Pengasihan
Fence goib
Having a companion Khodam
Enabling sedulu papat / 4 companion
Quickly open the senses to sixth
Hockey or luck
Easy to get wangsit

lease take note and really observe the beauty, uniqueness and natural magical power in these gems carefully. This Mustika quite another than others. The director/administrator of this site has been involved in the field of practical metaphysics,
occultism, and esotericism for over 20 years.

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Banana Stone

This is highly auspicious and powerful to confer glory, wisdom and happiness. An omen of purity, chastity and happiness. It gives intelligent, wisdom, great mental ability and freedom from poverty.

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