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Atomic Memory

Dane Dane pe likha he Khane wale ka naam

 As human being every object even a seed has memory. Bohm’s ink drop experiment shows that a drop of ink remembers its path. Each and every objects path of life is decided when it is created.

This version of Bohm's ink drop experiment in which not a drop of ink, but a thread of ink reaching from surface to the bottom of the cylinder is destroyed and then reconstructed simply with the turn of the handle, is acknowledged as relating to energetic rather than mechanical versions of time reversal experiments by its actual appearance in Irwin Hahn's article in "Scientific American" magazine on "Atomic Memory"!

The myth of the God of the Egyptians, Khem or Khemnu, who created the universe on a potters wheel thinly veiling a keen and ancient understanding of the relationship between spiraling forces and the formative powers of the very universe, at least ten thousand years before inventor Nikola Tesla talked about planets forming and creating planets from "the ether" via "aether whirls". Every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. It's movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to it's normal state.

Just to let the mind wander with this and David Bohm's Ink Drop Experiment... turn the handle the other way and the ink drop in glycerin is recreated. That's your granny run over by a steam roller. Where's "the big handle" to recreate her? Maybe the Whirlwind knows. Maybe it's the "big handle" that is out there even now causing clouds of gas and debris to form into galaxies, maybe it comes knocking as a smaller projection of itself that is emitted by a resonant cavity, over which Paralastor wasps fashion their nests, showing the properties appropriate and expected for such a hologram...

Still, aspects of the same feature continue to be a recurring theme: from a whirlwind who gave Coyote a run for his money to the uncharacteristic gloating and Sphinx-like, riddling God in the Bible who appears as a whirlwind or vortex, to the the fabulous Ink Drop Experiment publicized by physicist David Bohm which shows reversibility of forces of dispersion and disintegration.

Likewise, references regarding rituals of indigenous peoples refer to circular motions, in the form of dance, in regards to some probably much underrated fructification or agricultural fertility rituals. Many ceremonials contain all of the necessary elements to harness this vorticular motion into miraculous plant growth or materialization provided they are precisely applied or correctly aided.

Although they may never have practiced or perfected such an art, certain native peoples nonetheless also included spiral or vorticular motions into their rituals which seem to commemorate insights from contemplating the possibility of transmographication, or shape shifting.
Persistence of Memory in Drop Breakup: The Breakdown of Universality:
A low-viscosity drop breaking apart inside a viscous fluid is encountered when air bubbles, entrained in thick syrup or honey, rise and break apart. Experiments, simulations, and theory show that the breakup under conditions in which the interior viscosity can be neglected produces an exceptional form of singularity. In contrast to previous studies of drop breakup, universality is violated so that the final shape at breakup retains an imprint of the initial and boundary conditions. A finite interior viscosity, no matter how small, cuts off this form of singularity and produces an unexpectedly long and slender thread. If exterior viscosity is large enough, however, the cutoff does not occur because the minimum drop radius reaches subatomic dimensions first.

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