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Finding a new job or changing careers is often stressful. Vedic astrology, which answers specific questions and provides concrete predictions, can be of great assistance for those job hunting or considering a career change. By judging the position of the heavens at the birth, rather than the question, Vedic astrology can determine whether or not one will get a new job or keep one's old job. If a change is imminent, it is often possible to determine timing. The Career Reading, which combines a specific Vedic astro job/career question with a look at the 2nd house of income and the 10th house of career in your birth chart, is a great way to get a complete look at your career prospects.

The Career Reading combines a specific question asked using Vedic astrology, which answers specific questions and provides concrete predictions, with a focused look at the 2nd house of money and the 10th house of career in your birth chart to give you a complete picture of what careers are appropriate for you and what your prospects are for career success.

Gemstones for professional success

Gemstones can help you in achieving success in your career. We bring you a collection of top 9 (Navratna) gemstones to boost your chances of having a soaring career. But you need to make sure that you wear astrologically correct gemstones as these gemstones vary from person to person and may not always give you the desired results.

A skill is either acquired or destined from the time of birth. Do we get the job according to our skill ? No, and so we don't get job satisfaction. To get the exact job that you want , 10th lord should be powerful in the horoscope. Otherwise make it powerful by remedial measures. Post your date, time and place of birth here, to get your dream job or to avoid job problem. Consultation charge $19 or Rs.700/- . Consultation charge $50 or Rs.2763/-. info@occulttreasures.com or 24 hour phone/fax service, +91 0674 2343574, 2343474, 9437020474. If you are out of India pay by pay pal below or bank transfer. Inside India only bank transfer is valid. For that visit payment page.

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