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Beauty is one of the aspects of a horoscope. It can be easily enhanced by the remedial of 2nd house of a horoscope. Remedial for 1st house can enhance your personality traits. The ancient formulas used by our kings and queens, to enhance their beauty, is now available for you. To get your own Vedic beauty care, post your date, time, place of birth here. Consultation charge $50 or Rs.2763/- . or 24 hour phone/fax service, +91 0674 23435742343474,2343474. If you are out of India pay by pay pal below or bank transfer. Inside India only bank transfer is valid. For that visit payment page.

The world places a very high value on beauty and charm. We are a visual society. While inner beauty and personality is more highly regarded once you get to know someone, physical beauty nevertheless brings instant joy to people. There is an energy that underlies all imperfections in your appearance. For example, if you have a large or crooked nose, your karma may not permit you to go for surgery to correct it. However, by understanding the planetary energies supporting that reality and performing proper Vedic remedies, you will see more opportunities and finances come to give you the means for surgery. By evaluating your Birth Chart our Vedic astrologers focus onyour Moon sign and the placement of the planets Venus and Moon (who govern beauty and grace) in your Birth Chart. This identification of celestial influences along with the suggestion of authentic Vedic solutions can instill divine charm and beauty on you.

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