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Astrology has founded cure to various diseases. Here are few diseases listed below. Select a disease below and click on "Get Solution" button to get recommended stones list. We recommend you to consult our astrologer team before wearing any stone.

Almost all the gems have some kind of medicinal properties. But  the jewels that belong to Navratna category are famous for their medicinal properties as well besides their divine virtues.
Treatment of a particular disease with the help of a gemstone is known as Gemopathy. It is very wide subject. Following is a brief description of the medicinal values of the jewels that belong to the Navratna category.

Ruby Heart disorders, hallucination, fear, confusion, eye disorders etc.
Pearl: Blood disorders, semetic disorders, mental instability, abdominal diseases.
Coral: Insanity, epilepsy, coma, hallucinations and disorders of the brain.
Emerald: Loss of voice, insomnia, effects of poison, skin diseases and insomnia.
Yellow Sapphire: Lethargy, heaviness, liver disorders, breast-related diseases.
Diamond: Mouth diseases, impotency, loss of voice, semetic disorders etc.
Blue Sapphire: Insanity, wind diseases, abdominal disorders, infertility etc.

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