Heera Sankh

This is a fossilized right side conch. The average life of it is 10000 years or more. . These Shankh after millions of years became fossilized and were embedded with beautiful gems and diamond like colored stones. The Heera Shankh are also very rare and are not easily available. The Heera Shankh like Dakshinavarta Shankh are right side Shankh and very similar to the properties of the Dakshinavarta Shankh. The worshipper of Heera Shankh is blessed with immense fortune and luck. Heera Shankha is an auspicious and natural shankha found in mountains. It is very effective in attracting Wealth Goddess. Its also known as Pahadi Shankha. The Heera Shankh takes the devotee to Laxmi Siddhi and bestows him with immense wealth, fortune and protection. Heera Shankh are found in the mountains and has sparkling crystal like substance in the opening and sometimes on the shell also. Its dull from outer crust but its inner portion shines like diamonds. It is rare to found, but with very high energies.

According to ancient scriptures , there is a story behind Heera Shankh. Long back old poor lady named Heera-ujawala used to stay in a village at North East India, earlier River Ganges used to flow there. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Once there was an epidemic that spread in the village and the villagers were dying. Her two sons and their wives too came in the grip of that epidemic and caught the disease. To save the lives of her sons, daughters in law and the rest of the inmates of the village and bring the prosperity again in the village She was told in her dream to do fasting and worship of Laxmi Narayan. ......................


 Astrological consultation

for Property

Everyone wants to own property the 4th house. Can everyone do that? Vedic astrology can help us know whether buying property is possible on the basis of reflections in the horoscope. It also indicates the probable period of owning or purchasing a house. This can be done by the use of methods of timing i.e., the Dasa system. Also a bad property has many Vastu defects 4,6,8,12th. This will create lots of problem in your life!

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In the “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, Maharishi Parashara has signified the role of the 4th house in the horoscope in judging property-related matters. Some relevant quotes as translated into English are as follows.

- The native will enjoy the full happiness of the house should the lord of the fourth house be in the 4th house and the ascendant lord be also there and receives aspect by a benefic planet (9th).
- If the lord of the 4th house is placed in its own sign or in own “Navamsha” and in its own sign of exaltation, the native gets the comforts of having land, conveyance, house and musical instruments.
- In the event of the lord of the 10th house together with the lord of the 4th house being placed in Kendra (quadrant) or a “trikona” (trine), the native’s house should be adorned with a boundary and the house will be worthy of a king 9th.

If we examine the prospects on the basis of “Sanket Nidhi", then the observations will be the following.

“If Mercury is in the 4th house the house would be artistic, Moon gives a new house. Jupiter gives strong and durable house. Sun and “Ketu” give flimsy house, Saturn and “Rahu” give old house, Venus gives lovely house and Mars gives a building accident.”

“Jataka Tatwa” is another well-known astrological classic in which property matters have been analyzed. The observations are more forthright.

- Moon and Venus in the 4th house give multistoried house if 4th lord is well placed.
- Planets in exaltation in the 4th house also give multistoried house.
- “Ketu” and Mars give brick house.
- Jupiter gives a house of timber.
- Sun gives a hut of grass.
- Lord of the 9th house in the “Kendra”, the 4th lord in its own sign, exaltation or friendly sign or exalted planet in the 4th house gives beautiful house.
- If benefic planets are in the 3rd house and the 4th lord and lord of “Navamsha” of 4th house are strong, it gives multistoried house with compound.
- If the 4th lord and the 10th lord are with Moon and Saturn, they give a most pleasing house 4th.
- If “lagna” lord and the 4th lord are in the 4th house they indicate gain of house in most unexpected manner.
- If the 4th lord is in the 10th house and the 10th lord is in 4th house with strong Mars, it opens possibility of owning much property.
- If the respective lords of the 4th house and the 10th house are strong and friendly, they open possibility of much landed property.
- If the 4th lord is strong and is placed in its own house or is placed in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th houses and is receiving the aspect of benefic planets, there is a possibility of gaining much property.

The classical viewpoint about owning a house 4-11 still holds good. However, with time various scholars and researchers have added ways to understand the prospects of owning property on the basis of promises in the horoscope. The main considerations are as follows:-

- Since buying property is a costly affair, it needs to be seen from the horoscope whether any “dhan yoga” (combination of wealth gain) is emerging. For bank-financed property role of the 6th house and the 6th lord link with 4th become crucial.
- Role of the lord of the 4th house, exalted planets, “vargottam planets” (planets which do not change sign in “Navamsha”) etc need monitoring to understand the prospects of property ownership.
- Mars signifies land and property and its influence on the 4th house is very important. Similarly, roles of Jupiter and Venus are crucial because both of them are benefic planets helping in property ownership 9th.
- The dasa of Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mars are generally good for buying property.

Loss of Property 12th house:-

There are some astrological combinations which may lead to loss of property. Some of these combinations may be as under:-

- If the 4th lord is placed in the 3rd house with favorable aspects of planets, a person acquires very little immovable property. Such 4th lord is capable of depriving a person of his meager possessions. Greater afflictions cause biger loss.
- The lord of 4th house if placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house with affliction to “lagna” lord, may be responsible for property loss through action of government or like.
- If the lord of the 4th house is in the 8th house and is afflicted or debilitated, it can deprive a person of his land and house.
- A person may lose landed property by royal or government decree if lord of the 4th house is debilitated not in neecha bhanga and is with Sun.

Thus, many property-related matters can be derived by a careful study of horoscope. An astrologer can give property buying advice on the basis of planetary promise and right dasa system. He can also tell about chances of losing or geting property and risks involved in the investment.

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Bamsa Mukta (Bamboo Pearl)

 Forms within old bamboo tree. Such a stone can give you leadership over a country. Bamsa Moti -It forms within the stems of old Bamboo tree. They’re quite transparent and elongated in shape. One gates the blessing of Mahalaxmi by wearing such a pearl. According to Garuda Purana it confers sons, wife, wealth, health and fame. Spirits of the wild exist within it, which cures incurable diseases. Rare item. This yellow Bamboo pearl is believed to give wealth, successes, glory and untold fortune. This comes from a Bamboo tree in a dense forest where no human ever visited.

Kamiya Sindoor

it is useful for Vashikarn and Winning any court case and rid from enemies. This Siddha Kamakhya Sindoor Beneficial for evil eye, fears, sprit, hunted place and Davi (goddess) worship.This Siddha Kamakhya Sindoor is charged by shakti mantra. Kamakhya Sindoor is received from Kamakhya Devi temple at Kaamroo Area in Assam. It is highly charged already and is used in worshipping of goddess. Kamakhya Sindoor the very mention of Kamakhya Sindoor, will reset the mind to Tantrik Goddess.


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