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I am going to discuss about transfer & promotion in the jobs. For transfer we should apply the simple methods which are used for viewing the change of place.
Houses – third house, fourth house, tenth house, and twelfth house should be seen for this. Some times sixth house is also seen.

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- If transfer gives position (pada prapti) 10th then seventh house is involved.
- If tenth house is gets involved then change of profession occurs with out change in residence 4th.
- If fourth gets affected then change of residence is expected.
- If transfer 6th gives pleasure then lagna gets involved.
- If transfer 6th gives financial gains then second/eleventh houses are involved.
- If transfer gaining authority in service then sixth house & 10th is involved.

Dashas of lagna lord, tenth lord and exalted planets augur well for status of an individual. Job promotion means more responsibility at work ( 10th house/10 Lord), higher remuneration ( 2nd house/ 2nd L and 11house/ 11 Lord) and progress towards higher hierarchy ( 6th house/ 6th Lord). 2nd house/ 2nd Lord should be most highlighted. These dashas 10, 9, 3, 11th also indicates promotions in the job. A connection of these dashas with seventh house or lord improves their fructification. Never ignore the seventh house because this is the house of the pada prapti. if dasa favors, then during the transit, on a day when saturn, jupiter, Mars, sun and moon transit the signs/stars of 11th house significators, you'll get promoted.

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