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Predicting the success of the film’s story involves matching its astrological elements with the horoscope of the various stakeholders of the film. These include the producer, director, and the artists. The matching is done for the current year and for the period it will take for the project to go from initiation to completion and release. All of these are also cross checked with the overall horoscope of the entire film industry. The result is a clear prediction of the chances of success of the story and the film.

The astrological predictions for the story and the artists are also matched with those for other stakeholders to ensure that their correlations are all in the good books of the stars. With this combined prediction in hand, we can then carry out the financial analysis of your project.

Before we get started with studying the various aspects of any film project and doing astrological predictions about its future, we conduct in-depth research about its various stake holders. All predictions from Film Astrology are based on solid research and a strong understanding of Astrology.


 Astrological Consultation

for Movie Making

Entertainment has immense value in our life. Without proper entertainment nobody in this world can live successfully. So, relaxation by means of entertainment is essential after completion of day’s routine work. Nowadays Film/TV has great influence in our society. Planets shed their same impacts whether it’s Hollywood or bollywood. Film stars are prominent in this respect. By means of acting, movie etc. stars entertains audience. Observation shows that there are so many film/TV stars who always try to satisfy the spectators/audience as far as possible by their acting.

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Movie Project Report Analysis lets you determine whether the project you are working on currently or planning in the near future is destined for success or not. This is the most complete analysis of your film project and covers every element connected directly or indirectly with your film. When you avail of this service, you walk away with a precise and detailed prediction about all aspects of your film, which allows you to take a firm and final decision about the project as a whole.

Focused entirely on the post-production stage of your film, this service helps you determine a complete release, distribution and promotion strategy for your film. By availing this service, you can decide whether you should release your film in India and abroad simultaneously or in stages, which distributors you should go with, and what channels of distribution and promotion you should us. In short, it puts the entire marketing strategy in your hand.

This service is the most comprehensive Film Astrological prediction service you will find anywhere. It takes care of everything right from pre-production, to production, and post-production. Finalizing the story, selecting the artists and locales for the shooting, the distribution and promotion strategy, and even the dates for the release of the film… all of these are predicted as part of this service

We suggest an astrological strategy for upcoming film (movies) projects makeover plan, movie name/s to get astrological planetary positive impacts to get film super hit, most auspicious time to release the film (movie). This film astrology horoscope predictions service, based on the birth data (such as date/time/place of birth) of the producers/directors /actors/actresses of movies, the film name is suggested by our vedic astrologers based on astrology, Numerology, to get maximum Success in film project and to make successful, super hit and award wining movies, film (movies) horoscope analysis is taken up to see the temperament of team spirit and astrological planetary strength of producers/directors/actors/actresses according to their horoscope charts. The existing members of the team can also be benefited by strengthening of the planets as per their Birth charts for better performance and to get maximum benefit.

Film Astrology has been associated with Bollywood and Hollywood Film Industry for the last two decades. What started out as a small and personal Astrological prediction service has today grown to become the largest Film Astrological prediction facility in the country.

Film Astrology in its present form is brought to you by Prospect Base, an established outsourcing firm from Orissa, the occult hub of India. We have been in the outsourcing business from last six years, providing services to both International and Domestic clients.

We have created a dedicated team of high trained and skilled astrologers, who approach every project from a research point of view. We have already created a database on films, production houses, producers, directors, and artists that are associated with the Indian Film Industry. This database is continuously updated with new data to keep it up-to-date.

All of our predictions draw deeply upon this massive database and library of information we possess. This treasure house of knowledge is also the main point of difference between individual astrologers giving predictions about films and our corporate solution.

In addition to having a comprehensive database at hand, we also realize and recognize that our success is largely based on the knowledge and skills of our astrologers. For this reason, we hand pick each of our astrologers, cross verify their knowledge and understanding of Astrology and only then take them on board.

Once they are part of the team of Film Astrology, they are taken through the most rigorous astrological training program currently available in India. This equips them with a fundamental and thorough understanding of all aspects of film making. It also gives them a detailed look at the Indian Film Industry and explains to them the difference between making a regular prediction and making a prediction for a proposed film.

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Astrology is an ancient Indian science. It is based on the study of the position of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies and how they affect all of us. If we consider a film as an entity or person, Film Astrology is the application of astrological knowledge of each and every aspect connected to the film.

This is exactly what we do. We apply our inherent understanding and in-depth knowledge of Astrology and analyze every element connected to your film and the connections and relationships between these elements from an astrological point of view. Based on the planets and heavenly bodies, we draw up a complete horoscope of your film and then accurately predict its fate by studying the various connected and related elements.

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