Uses of financial astrology

Financial astrology can be applied to predict major economic trends as they relate to certain cycles, specifically on cycles of outer planet.
The investor can benefit from using 2nd-financial astrology to find the best industry to be in for a particular period of time based on major planetary configurations.
Another advantage is identifying the best stocks to own during a particular time period.
It is also useful in identifying the best date and time to buy or sell 2nd a stock.



 Astrological Consultation

for Industry

Financial tycoon J.P. Morgan was once quoted saying, “Millionaires (1,2nd& 5th) don’t use astrology, billionaires (1,2,5th & 9th) do.” Mr. Morgan believed in astrology so much that he consulted with astrologer Evangeline Adams in timing some of his investment and business strategies. Today, astrology has achieved immense importance in the stock market, the 5th house. Many believe that astrology helps in deciding an opportune time to begin a new business venture or before beginning any crucial decisions pertaining to financial investments 2nd & 12th. Astrology at the stock market is a combination of technical analysis and predictive techniques.

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How does astrology work for the finance sector?

The astrologer can truly predict after knowing the historical data 9th of a particular stock 2nd. Apparently every stock has different set of influences which determine its ups and downs. After determining the influences, they may be applied to the future movement of the stock. The use of astrology for choosing stocks the 2nd should always be combined with the knowledge of what is happening to the market in general with fundamental and technical indicators.

How to make trades astrologically?

Making trades astrologically can be done by using a price chart like the standard stock chart. The stock chart indicates the peaks and valleys of the stock’s future price movement. Through astrological methods, an investor can participate in all of the price gains for a stock while incurring none of the losses. The astrologer should take into consideration two things while constructing the ups and downs of a stock movement. The first thing is how sharply a stock price is likely to rise or fall and the other is duration of the move.

Co-relation of astrology with stocks

According to findings, there is a co-relation between astrology and stocks and the influence of planets is great. Each and every planet represents a particular stock. These are as follows:

Sun: represents all the public sector units and precious metals, pharma sectors, lights, photography, government related industry, grains, a leading company etc.

Moon: represents oil, fish, prawn, sea food, aquatic animal, milk, egg, agriculture, hotel, pearls, under water, water reservoir, hydro electricity, travel, women related and shipping industries.

Mars: represents the automobile industry, metallurgy and IT sector, surgical instrument, engines, furnace, forging, weapons, war machines, guns etc

Mercury: represents textile sector and fast moving consumer goods, transport, IT, trade,  or FMCG, telecommunication, computers etc.

Venus: represents sugar, perfume, fashion, stationary goods, beautifying objects, alcohol, sex related, female related, fabrics and media sector.

Jupiter: represents banking, jewellery, gems, gold, treasure, spiritual, holy, sacred objects, blessed, management, education, food and financial sector.

Saturn: represents the metal industry, crude oil, petroleum & gas sectors, mining, security and all industrial sectors.

Rahu: represents media, telecommunication, very hi-tech industry, chemicals, poisons, disinfectants, medical instruments, space stations, submarines and electrical sectors.

Ketu: represents atomic power, heavy water, uranium, radioactive minerals, rockets, missiles, artificial satellites, weapons, R&D  and power sector.

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What is financial astrology?

These days, financial astrology has emerged as a well-known astrology genre. These astrologers play a key role in predicting stock exchange conditions and individual fortune 9th of shareholders. It is also the practice of relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in the financial markets. According to findings, there is a co-relation between astrology and stocks the 2nd and the influence of planets is great. Each and every planet represents a particular stock

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