One of the frequently asked questions is what should be the timing of application of Jyotish remedies. Prevention is better than cure; this saying is also true in case of application of astrological remedies particularly for 6th, 8th, and 12th lords. No doubt, Jyotish remedies are helpful in a problematic situation but if the native goes for preventive application such as gemstone, it not only proves to be a better tool to tackle various circumstances but also reduces the level of problems to a great extent by is electromagnetic influence.


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All the problems originate from the brain. Putting a blue sapphire on your middle finger, You don't change the course of Saturn, but you change the programme written by Saturn, at the time of birth. Actually all these 9 planets write a programme by electro magnetic changes. We can rectify this programme by astrological remedial measures. Evil, that is error programme present in any objects, can be eradicated by astrology. So astrology is called the eye of Veda, or the king of knowledge's, because no knowledge revels these secretes of nature. Post your date, time, place of birth here to conquer any problem of your life. Consultation charge $50 or Rs.2763/-. or 24 hour phone/fax service, +91 0674 2343574 2343474. If you are out of India pay by pay pal below or bank transfer. Inside India only bank transfer is valid. For that visit payment page.

The divine science of Vedic Astrology unfolds the trends of life 1st house and tells us in advance of the favorable times as well as of the unfavorable times. It tells us about the periods or Mahadasa which provide success to our endeavors. Similarly, it tells us the periods and the types of sufferings one is likely to face, right at birth. The impact of unfavorable planetary influences in b6,8 & 12th can be reduced by performance of propitiatory astrological remedial measures particularly gems. The incidence of delays, setbacks and denials is the result of the weak and/or afflicted planets in the birth Horoscope. Such impacts can be dealt with by strengthening of birth weak/afflicted planets by a gem stone.

Our studies of ancient sciences and experience of application of gemstones reveal that besides medicines the jyotish/astral remedies - gemstones, Kavach, Special Power Kavach and colors - are capable of providing good health, mental and spiritual happiness. The efficacy of the gemstones as a part of jyotish/astral remedies is recognised by the Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine.

ASTRAL GEMS - AUSPICIOUS TIME LAGNA FOR WEARING: The importance of time, which means the planetary influences at a particular point of time and at a particular place has always been recognized since old times. The references have been found in the Hindu scriptures, Islamic literature and the New Testament. It is also firmly believed that the potency of medicines and its curative power increases when the medicine is administered at a particular time of the day i.e. ascendant and in a particular season. So, it is true for the astrological remedies.

Different planets represent the various colors. To provide strength to the weak planets, the divine science of astrology recommends use of gemstones as part of jyotish remedies for the favorable planets in an auspicious time. The strength of the planets is raised through the application of influence of cosmic rays of a particular color of a gemstone as part of jyotish/astral remedies, which represents a particular planet. The gems as part of astrological remedies represent the rays of cosmic chemicals peculiar to different planets. Gemstone actually injects their cosmic logo to our blood stream.

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A planet has capacity to bless the native with its results if its natal strength is at least 100% if it is unaffilicted. If afflicted the results may come with some delay and of slightly lower order. With the help of the strengthening measures -gemstones not Kavach or such things - the strength of the planets, where it is less than 30%, can be brought to the level of 70%.