Antigravity And CSE

Antigravity and Cavity structural effect:  Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov is a naturalist, a professional entomologist. Back in 1988 he discovered anti-gravitational effects of the chitin shell of certain insects. But the most impressive concomitant phenomenon discovered at the same time was that of complete or partial invisibility or of distorted perception of material objects entering the zone of compensated gravity. Based on this discovery, the author used bionic principles to design and build an anti-gravitational platform for dirigible flights at the speed of up to 25 km/min. Since 1991-92 he has used this device for fast transportation. As is known, human weight significantly drops in the state of somnambulistic automatism (sleepwalking). During their nocturnal journeys, 80-90 kg sleepwalkers are able to tread on thin planks, or step on people sleeping next to them without causing the latter any physical discomfort (other than fright).

Grebennikov is also widely known in the so-called scientific underground (i. e. the branch of advanced Russian science constantly persecuted by the official scientific establishment). Thus, a committee for combating pseudoscience, created in Novosibirsk division of the Russian Academy, has victimized many talented members of our local scientific community. The situation is much the same at the Russian Agricultural Academy. It is very easy to lose one's job at a lab (even as its head, regardless of one's degree and title). One only needs to publish an article on, for example, the evolutionary significance of antigravitational mechanisms in insects.

Take a thick, preferably well-read book and place it upright on the edge of a desk with its back facing the direction of the sun (e.g. facing north at night).
Open the book and fluff up its pages as evenly as possible. In a few minutes (the CSE does not appear immediately, as it doesn't disappear immediately ether), pick up with your palm, tongue, or back of your head some of the sensations mentioned in this chapter.
This "tail", after some practice, can be picked up at a 2-3 meters' distance. It is also easy to verify that the "book CSE" is also non-screenable-ask someone to stand between the hadn and the book.
"A large cone" with an artificial comb filling and three magnets at the back.

Two cones of this sort, positioned against each other taking into account the position of the sun, were in the morning of April 23, 1991, thrown apart and disfigured. One had been placed in Isilkul, the other near Novosibirsk (the second one was unfolded and pressed into the wall of an underground hiding place; its magnets disappeared).
At the same moment, residents of an Omsk apartment experienced a series of strangest "poltergeists" (see Vechernii Omsk for April 26 and Omsk and Moscow TV broadcasts). Because of this coincidence, on August 5, 1991, the same paper called the device in the picture "a Grebennikov's hyperboloid".
Actually, one of the "beams" of the upright electronic waves between the two structures may have been formed precisely there, on the Irtysh embankment in Omsk.
"A medium cone".

Tightly insert a dozen plastic household funnels into each other and fix the structure on any support with the nozzles turned toward the sun. Cover the bell end of the top funnel with a net or light blue cloth (so that the tested subjects not anticipate heat).
"A small cone". Tightly roll up two unusable rolls of film, tied them up with string or thread and make a bell-shaped cavity in the middle of the top roll. CSE emanations can be easily picked up by the palm, particularly in a counter-solar position. You will get interesting sensations if you press this "microcone" to your forehead.

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