Shaligram Shila

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Ancient India

Accomplishments of ancient India in science and technology:

India is the birthplace of several sciences. Several Mathematical concepts including zero, decimal system, square root, and algebra, Stared here in India. Yashodhara is the first inventor of copper alloy and extraction of metal. First Ayurvedic materia medica written in India, first surgery was done (Ophthalmic and Plastic surgery) by Susruta. It is interesting to note that Indian scriptures and history present a number of instances of biotechnological interferences, especially in the process of birth. We have, for example, the case of life produced from dead matter; Ganesha was born out of the bodily dust of Mother Parvati. Another example is the birth of Draupadi and Drishtadyumna through yajna - a case of birth without parents. Sri Rama and his three brothers were born when the milk obtained from yajna was fed to the mothers. Here, although mothers are there, there was no sexual union. Then there is the interesting case of transference of embryo from the womb of one mother to that of the other. According to Jain mythology, the soul of the Lord Mahavira first got embodied as an embryo in the womb of a Brahmin mother. However, the Gods transferred it into the womb of a Kshatriya mother - a queen. A similar transference of the embryo of Balaram from the womb of Devaki to that of Rohini is described in the Vedic literature. Cases of growth and nurturing of a fertilized ovum outside the mother's womb - equivalent to test-tube babies - is also found in Indian mythology. The embryo of the Kauravas emerged from the womb of Gandhari in the form of a single egg. But when it did not grow into a baby for a long time, in desperation it was broken into hundred pieces each one of which became one Kaurava prince. The embryo of sage Agastya too hatched outside the womb, in a pitcher. Then, there are stories of duplication of bodies - similar bodies having being produced from one body, akin to cloning. Sage Kardama produced with the help of yogic power nine bodies identical to his own. Finally, there are a number of examples of resorting to yajna, tapas (austerities) or yoga for obtaining progeny of one's own choice. Thus, in Indian religious tradition, the possibility of unnatural occurrences and interference in the natural biological processes is a unique thesis yet to be revelled.


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