These Agaru Mani are highly sacred. Mahalaxmi of forest resides in this pearl. It gives intelligent, wisdom, great mental ability and freedom from poverty. The magical power of Agaru Mani which comes from a king agar wood is well known in India. It confers great beauty, happiness, good health, popularity and wisdom.

Shaman: Safety Dhohir and inner,
The power of self-defense immunity,
Powerful authority,
The great charisma,
Compassion through the eye,
To support the inner Sports / meditate,
Adding sharp intuition,
Adding intelligence,
Anti gendam and cablek,
Warding of all recite the mantra that will harm him,


Aguru Mani

# Agar wood Stone #


Aguru Mani (Agar wood Tree): - A highly sacred pearl for all spiritual purpose. Drives away all evil spirits and demons. Results past life. Gradually attains siddhi in rituals.

The legendary Agar wood mutya or Aloes wood stone, as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the most mysterious and precious substances used in magic. Even in biblical times it was highly sought after and had a reputation of being a supreme aphrodisiac incense ingredient. Its true origin lies in Southeast Asia, where it is just as highly desired. The Japanese, who have a highly refined incense culture, are particularly keen on Agar wood geliga, which forms the basis of most of their blends. In India it is known as Garu Garu and is associated with Garuda, the divine eagle who carries Lord Vishnu on his wings.

In Chinese, more pragmatically, it is known as 'sinking incense', which refers to the fact that the resin-laden wood will sink in water rather than swim. What make this substance so precious and rare is that fact that the resin only develops as a pathological reaction to fungal infection of the heartwood. The older the tree and the more advanced the infection the more resin-drenched the wood will become. This moti or pearl forms in old tree.

Due to the high demand, however, such wood is more and more difficult to find. As a result the price of wood chips and oil have soared. Due to greed and indiscriminate felling of even healthy trees the survival of the species has become threatened and trade has become restricted. However, there are projects under way that aim to produce Agarwood Mani chips and Oud oil sustainable by naturally infecting planted trees with the fungus. If these projects succeed Agarwood bezoar may become more easily available and affordable and the wild trees may have a chance to survive.

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Agaru Mani Stone

A mysterious stone of the ancients. Preserved as a precious treasure, in every ancient kings treasure. Best for wearing as a locket. It confers every kind of wealth, fame, velour and physical gloss.It gives intelligent, wisdom, great mental ability and freedom from poverty.

This is also known as natures fruit or kiwi fruit.

Shaman: Cut off from all dangers and calamities.
Cut off from all distractions spirits / land frightening / air fiend.
As well as these gems bring influence socially didlm sympathy / compassion / peace / patience / justice

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