Vaimanika Shastra

Vaimanika Shastra or Ancient Aero-space engineering in India:  Now  a days  the  ancient Indian Air ships and space ships  got world wide reputation. They used different engines. One of them is Nuclear Vortex engine created  by mixing rare earth with mercury to create an atomic reaction.  Another is mercury ion propulsion engine created by Dr. Talpade who experimented it on Juhu Beach of Mumbai. Among the more famous ancient texts that mention aerial cars (Vimanas) are the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Other lesser known texts include  the Samarangana Sutra-dhara, the Yuktikalpataru of Bhoja (12th century A.D.) the Mayamatam (attributed to the architect Maya celebrated in the Mahabharata), the Rig Veda, the Yajurveda and the Ataharvaveda. More from Egypt, exactly in a 3000 year old temple at Abydos a few hundred miles from Cairo these hieroglyphs were found only recently. Vaimanikasastra Of Maharshi Bharadwaja is a unique text dealing with the making of space ships and their routes. According to Shownaka, the regions of the sky are five, named, Rekhaapathha, Mandala, Kakshya, Shakti, and Kendra. In these 5 atmospheric regions, there are 5,19,800 air ways traversed by Vimanas of the Seven Lokas or worlds, known as Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Swarloka, Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapoloka and Satyaloka.
Dhundinaatha and "Vaalmeeki Ganita" state that Rekha has 7,03,00,800 air routes, Mandala has 20,08,00200 air routes, Kakshya has 2,09,00,300 air routes, Shakti has 10,01,300 air routes, and Kendra has 30,08,200 air routes.
             According to "Vaalmeeki Ganita" in the Rekhaapathha region, sections 1 to 4 are suitable for the passage of the Vimanas of this Bhuloka. In the Mandala region sections 3 to 5 are suitable for Vimanas of Bhuvarloka, Swarloka, and Maharloka dwellers. For the Janaloka Vimanas sections 2 to 5 in the Kakshya region are suitable. Section 1 to 6 in the Shakti region are suitable for the Vimanas of Tapoloka. For the dwellers of Brahmaloka sections 3 to 11 in the Kendra region are suitable, according to Shastra like "Vaalmeeki Ganita" and others. All these are alien worlds. In "Mukura-kalpa" as Vishwakriyaadarpana, or television mirror, Shaktyaakarshana Darpana or power-capturing mirror, Vyroopya darpana or appearance changing mirror, Kuntinee darpana, Pinjulaa darpana, Guhaagarbha darpana, and Rowdree darpana or terrifying darpana are used in Vimanas. In "Yantra-sarvasva", The seven kinds of powers which are required for the Vimanas are produced by 7 motors which are named tundila, panjara, amshupa, apakarshaka, saandhaanika, daarpanika, and shaktiprasavaka. Each of these produces its specific power. Thus tundilaa produces udgamaa shakti, panjaraa produces the panjaraa shakti, shaktipaa produces the power which sucks solar power, apakarshaka produces the power which plucks the power of alien planes, sandhaana yantra produces the group of 12 forces, daarpanikaa produces Kuntinee shakti, and shakti-prasava yantra produces the main motive power.                                                            

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