International Institute in Astrology and occult science (REGD 072) started on 1993 to take research on occultism and spread the scientific facts behind world occultism. The spirit behind it is shree Debiprasad Mishra and his father Prakash Chandra Mishra.
                              Debiprasad Mishra as the Director of I.A.O and ceo of www.occulttreasures.com, got no of awards in India and abroad for active research in every branch of world occultism. He is a famous and leading astrologer of India. To prove different branch of occultism as science. His famous program Bhavisyabani is being telecasted on different channels for 12 years. He got different awards on his different subjects at research, starting from Vaimanika Shastra (Ancient Aerospace), Sacred water, Alchemy of Mercury and Gold, Sacred geometry, Planets and their effects, Psychological processing in Tantra, Ancient electro magnetic systems, Antigravity systems, Elixirs, Auyur Veda, Urine Therapy, Bezoars stones etc.

                               He himself realized that, he is the incarnation of an ancient god who once ruled the earth. He realized the knowledge of universe & life very early in life. He wants the world to know the knowledge of the ancients, so that they can utilize the ancient technology in modern science to improve human life
Now www. occulttreasures.com is the worlds largest occult store which sells all the rare objects starting from gems, Valampuri, Rudraksh, Shaligram, Vana Linga etc.

Debiprasad Mishra recieving Vikash Ratna Award from union minister science and technology,India

Ex Governer and other union ministers of India

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