Plant name in Sanskrit

Secrets of plant names in Sanskrit: Sanskrit names of a tree or herb unlike our botanical names, defines its characteristic features and medicinal values in itself. Generally we grow different plants in our garden but we don’t know what they symbolize. The secret is in their Sanskrit name, like Ashoka, which means absence of sorrow. So Ravan placed Sita in Ashoka Vatika  to free her from Sorrows.  Similarly Swetark is highly beneficial to avoid obstruction when planted near the main gate because Sanskrit name Swetark means white Sun i.e. noon Sun. It is believed that when Sun is powerful as in noon, it is called Abhijeet Muhurta and no bad happening can happen at that time.

Ashok tree finds mention in the epic Ramayana as the Ashoka vana / vatika (grove of Ashoka tree) in Lanka, where Sita was held in captivity by Ravana. It is believed that ravana forced sita to live under Ashok Tree to get rid her sorrow. The tree is sacred to the Hindus. There are numerous legends that revolve around this tree. One legend has it that when Goddess Parvathi asked Lord Shiva about the importance of the ashoka tree, he replied that it is a wish-fulfilling tree i.e which destroy sorrow of everybody. The Goddess tested the tree by asking for a daughter and immediately a beautiful girl appeared. Goddess Parvathi named her Ashokasundari.. Hanuman met Sita for the first time also under the same tree.

Similarly Brahmi means the power of Brahma i.e. Knowledge. Brahmi is used as a herbal brain tonic, to rejuvenate the body, as a promoter of memory and as a nerve tonic. It improves memory and helps overcome the negative effects of stress. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. Brahmi induces a sense of calm and peace.

Brahmi has gain world wide fame as a memory booster and mind alertness promoter. It is widely used as antioxidant and in improving the brain cell functions. It helps in relieving nervous congestion and strain from them, as it possesses ushna virya potency; thereby it reduces vata dosha, which is main culprit in causing such problems. Due to presence of tickt rasa, brahmi easily penetrates into the tissues thus giving soothing feel.

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