Pliny The Elder

Pliny The Elder: Gaius Plinius Cecilius Secundus, known as Pliny the Elder, was a Roman scholar, encyclopedist, and nationalist who was born in Novum Comum in Gallia Cisalpine. largest and most well-known work, and the only one to have survived, is called Natural History (Naturalis Historia). The mysterious work contains practical science which can be used by common man. The 1st book is the Preface of the Work, dedicated to  Vespasian Cæsar. The 2nd is on the World, the Elements, and the Heavenly Bodies.The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th books are on Geography, in which is contained an account of the situation of the different countries, the inhabitants, the seas, towns, harbours, mountains, rivers, and dimensions, and the various tribes, some of which still exist and others have disappeared. The 7th is on Man, and the Inventions of Man. The 8th on the various kinds of Land Animals. The 9th on Aquatic Animals. The 10th on the various kinds of Birds. The 11th on Insects. The 12th on Odoriferous Plants. The 13th on Exotic Trees. The 14th on Vines. The 15th on Fruit Trees. The 16th on Forest Trees. The 17th on Plants raised in nurseries or gardens. The 18th on the nature of Fruits and the Cereals, and the pursuits of the Husbandman. The 19th on Flax, Broom , and Gardening. The 20th on the Cultivated Plants that are proper for food and for medicine. The 21st on Flowers and Plants that are used for making Garlands. The 22nd on Garlands, and Medicines made from Plants. The 23rd on Medicines made from Wine and from cultivated Trees. The 24th on Medicines made from Forest Trees. The 25th on Medicines made from Wild Plants. The 26th on New Diseases, and Medicines made, for certain Diseases, from Plants. The 27th on some other Plants and Medicines. The 28th on Medicines procured from Man and from large Animals. The 29th on Medical Authors, and on Medicines from other Animals. The 30th on Magic, and Medicines for certain parts of the Body. The 31st on Medicines from Aquatic Animals. The 32nd on the other properties of Aquatic Animals. The 33rd on Gold and Silver. The 34th on Copper and Lead, and the workers of Copper. The 35th on Painting, Colours, and Painters. The 36th on Marbles and Stones. The 37th on Gems. Click here to read the book. To get this book contact us


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