Papa Punya

Papa Punya: People think sin is only a Theosophical Subject. Every thing in this Universe is Cyclic by nature, like oxygen cycle, Food cycle etc. So when you help some body he is suppose to help you or others.         If he helps you or others, cycle completes or starts accordingly and every body involved in the cycle gains Punya that heightens his conscious level. If he don’t he gets Papa. Untimely Papa (sin) and Papi (sinner) both are destroyed due to cyclic nature of the Universe, which is Called Chakra Sudarsan.

Studies of brain response to various situations may provide important insights to this question. In the last post in this series we considered some of the science pertaining to lust, gluttony, and sloth as discussed in the article "Seven Deadly Sins" in the September 2009 issue of Discover Magazine (the magazine has a website at discovermagazine.com - but this article is not available on-line, at least not yet).

Today I would like consider the last four --- pride, envy, greed and wrath. Greed has not been studied explicitly, but the other three have. Despite the fact that these seem to be sins of the will or spirit rather than the body, they, like lust, gluttony and sloth, have biological roots and observable signals in the brain.

Envy is interesting - in a study of envy a number of volunteers were observed using fMRI (functional MRI) while they read one of three scenarios - the key one described a student similar to the volunteer, but better in every respect. The conflict detecting regions of the brain fired and the response was similar to that for pain. This leads to the suggestion that envy is a kind of social pain. Later, when reading about this student's downfall, the reward and pleasure regions of the volunteer's brain fired. Not only this but the greater the pain in reading about the student's success, the greater the reward in reading of the student's downfall. The reward response is along the same line as that experienced from food - or sex. It feels good.

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