Sugandha Mani

#Mosk Stone#


Sugandha Mani: - Purifies your body, maintains spirituality, changes your body fragrance and gives riches. Increases mental concentration and mental ability.A man in possession of such a cobra pearl will never be troubled by snakes, demonic beings, diseases, or disturbances in any form. Even it is believed to invite the gods of other world to help you .

These musk stones are highly qualitative and able to confer all kinds of wealth. His aura increases so much that every body get enchanted.

This type of Sugandha Mani bestows power, position, leadership,victory,great courage and success in endeavors.

These are highly precious yellow colored musk stone, which is praised by he ancients to give every kind of happiness, fortune and riches. It cures serious health disorders naturally. This can be worn as a amulet against fear misfortune and legal problem.

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